Travelling against FCO Advice? COVID Cover Compared

Travelling against FCO Advice? COVID Cover Compared
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The list of countries going on the “against all but essential travel” list continues to grow, but the number of travel insurance companies offering COVID-19 cover to people going to the likes of Spain and Portugal does not. Most companies have decided against covering these places.

However help is at hand, a handful of travel insurance companies are offering Coronavirus Cover for your holiday, if you are planning to go to a country where the UK government advises against it.

It’s fair to say a lot of the companies don’t make their wording very clear on their websites of what is and isn’t covered, but we’ve made some calls and deciphered all the jargon for you!

The two main companies that are popular amongst the search engines and claim to offer COVID cover for Non-FCO advised countries are StaySure and Battleface.

Most people who are looking for COVID cover want to know that they have peace of mind that if they catch Coronavirus abroad, that they are covered for this.

StaySure offer a “European FCO Travel Advice Extension” which you would think would cover you if you caught COVID-19, however it does not. There website states in small print that “no cover is provided if you are advised to return to the UK as a result of COVID-19.” You are only covered for non-COVID related claims.

Battleface on the other hand do offer cover if you were to catch COVID abroad and cover costs between £20-£30 when we got our quote and if you add a second person on your policy you get a further discount.

So if you are travelling to a country on the FCO list, make sure you choose Battleface for peace of mind.

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