16/03/20. The week the UK felt the full force of Coronavirus. A personal account.

16/03/20. The week the UK felt the full force of Coronavirus. A personal account.
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It’s been coming, but this week the UK has really felt the full force of the Coronavirus/COVID-19.

The future of businesses are hanging by a thread.

On Monday, Boris Johnson announced:

  • Avoid all non essential travel and contact, working from home encouraged
  • 14 day self-isolation for everyone in the household if any member of the household showing symptoms
  • Avoid pubs, clubs, theatres, social gatherings and crowded places

I work for a small e-commerce company and we have been hard-hit since the announcement by Boris Johnson on Monday. Sales have plumeted.

The economy has stopped.

Consumer confidence is battered. Shopping habits have changed, essentials only.

I worry about next months pay packet or even if I will still have a job, I’m sure millions are in the same boat.

Some of us have been slightly affected, business goes on either from the office or at home. But others have been badly affected, losing their jobs.

Fortunately for me I am still at home living with parents, so I am very lucky at this time, but still need to ensure I have a monthly stream of cash coming through.

Those who have lost their jobs who have rent and everything else to pay, this is a seriously horrible time. Where is the next job going to come?

With the next few months uncertain, no employer is going to want to take on new staff. With the exception of supermarkets whose shelves are being blitzed as fast as they are being filled. Morrisons, Asda and Iceland are all recruiting for in-store and home delivery drivers to cater for the surge in demand.


But what about those of us who have caught Coronavirus or live with somebody who has?

They have to self-isolate for 2-weeks, on just £94 per week in statutory sick pay. Around 20% of the UK weekly average income.

Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands governments are all offering from 75% to full pay at this time, as a measure to save many businesses.

What about those who have been laid off, who have to go to the job centre to begin claiming Universal Credit for a derisory amount. And this is not an instant payment neither.

This is a horrible time for everyone.

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