Teach English in Spain without a TEFL – The Best Program

Teach English in Spain without a TEFL – The Best Program
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Want to teach English in Spain without a TEFL certificate?

It is now possible, thanks to a Teach English in Spain company called Meddeas, it’s probably the best TEFL course in Spain for 2020.

Meddeas run a language assistant program for English speakers to teach English in Spain to Spanish students.

The program runs from September till May/June and you are paid between €300 – €1000 per month. Included in the program is a FREE TEFL course.

You may be thinking the money is poor, but please read on.

Meddeas Program – The Benefits

With the Meddeas program, you have the option to either live independently or with a Spanish family.

Living independently allows you a higher monthly wage, living with a family means a lower wage, but less expenses. So the two options even themselves out.

The Teach English in Spain program is not about making money and more about embracing a different (more relaxed) culture, getting a FREE TEFL certification and becoming fluent in the Spanish language if you so wish.

If you are wanting to get fluent as quickly as possible and experience the Spanish way of life, choose the option of living with the Spanish family.

How to apply to teach English in Spain with Meddeas?

Simply visit this link to apply. They ask for your name and email, they will then email you with next steps.

What to expect if your application is succesful?

You will be invited to a Skype interview with a Meddeas worker. You will be asked questions to make sure you have read all the documentation.

You will then be asked to talk about yourself, what your current situation is, what you know about the course and why you want to join the Meddeas program.

After that you are required to share examples of being proactive, challenges you have faced and how you would go about planning activities to aide the process of teaching English to Spanish students at school.

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