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Vivoactive3 not connecting. How to fix?

How to fix Garmin vivoactive3 Smartwatch not connecting to iPhone?

Have you looked through several pages on how to fix your Garmin vivoactive3 watch not connecting and still not found an answer? Don’t worry, help is at hand!

Having gone through practically every step on the vivoactive3 smartwatch manufacturer instructions and online guides without success…

I finally found the solution to fixing my vivoactive3 smartwatch and connecting back to my iPhone.

The Solution

All you have to do is uninstall the iPhone Garmin Connect app and re-install.

Don’t worry you won’t lose anything as all your data is saved onto the Garmin network.

Then login on your Garmin Connect app, follow all the instructions on the Garmin Connect app on your iPhone and then you should be able to connect back to your Garmin vivoactive3 smartwatch.

This tip seems so simple and obvious, but as is often the case, a simple re-install or turning on/off has done the trick!

Comment below if this tip worked for you.

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