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This ONE TIP will speed up your slow iPhone

How to speed up your slow iPhone?

Being the owner of an iPhone 6 16GB model is not ideal. I’ve done so many searches around iphone storage full how to fix it, etc, etc and a lot of sites don’t give great answers.

I feel for all of you with the 8GB/16GB who get iPhone storage full messages and have to deal with sluggish iPhone performance, but we are going to show you how to fix it, without having to buy a new phone with more storage space!

There’s a reason it’s happening, the manufacturer want you to

a) upgrade to the next model to get more storage

b) subscribe to extra cloud storage

But don’t fall for the money making trap, using this great storage-saving tip.

How to fix iPhone storage full?

Install Google Photos. Wave goodbye to iPhone Storage Full.

Google Photos allows you to use your gmail account to setup a Google Photos account.

This then allows you to store your photos & videos from your iPhone onto the Google Photos app via the cloud.

So you are therefore storing all your iPhone images & videos on Google’s servers and freeing up several gigabytes of storage from your iPhone.

Therefore allowing your iPhone more storage and breathing room to perform as it should. No more searching iPhone storage full how to fix it!

TIP: Depending on how many photos/videos you have, this can be quite a lengthy process.

I would suggest doing an overnight backup whilst your phone is on charge.

Goodbye iPhone Storage Full messages!

Comment below if this tip worked for you.

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