How to succeed on Football Index – A guide for beginners

How to succeed on Football Index – A guide for beginners
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Look no further! Our guide to Football Index will give you everything you need to get you on the road to some serious profits.

Football Index Tips

Before we get into how Football Index works, it first important to mention that this is very different to standard football betting.

Football Index is very much about being patient, using your intuition and gut, putting your money where your mouth is and watch your shares grow long term.

However that doesn’t mean you cannot make quick profits as well, because you certainly can and this will be covered later.

Start with a small pot

We strongly recommend only investing between £10-£50 to begin with. The old quote about “you only learn by doing” is very relevant to Football Index.

The more you immerse yourself in the platform, the more comfortable you will feel.

Be patient

A lot of new traders who are used to traditional betting platforms will come to Football Index hoping to earn a quick buck.

Shares fluctuate based on demand, you’re very likely to see your shares in certain players fall. Hold onto them, they will come good.

Invest in youth

As soon as you first explore the Football Index, you will soon realise that some youngsters who are barely getting a game in the Premier League are costing more than the likes of Jamie Vardy and Sergio Aguero.

The reason is simple. Traders are investing in youth as they foresee these shares increasing. Whereas with the 30+ players, their expiry date isn’t far away and traders don’t want their investments to take a nose dive.

Spread the risk

Football Index gives you many ways to make money from shares. We suggest spreading your investments across the below strategies.

Buy low, sell high

Spot an under-valued player, trust your judgement, invest and watch your shares rise!

Media and paper talk

Throughout the majority of the week, Football Index pays out for the Top 3 most talked about players in the news.

5p for the most talked about, 3p for second, 1p for third.

This may seem like small numbers, but if you have several shares in a single player then the profits soon start to add up.

Goals, assists and clean sheets (first 30 days only)

The players you invest in can earn you dividends from their performances.

For the first 30 days you own shares in a players, you get paid out for goals, assist and clean sheets. After that you don’t get paid for these but there’s nothing stopping you from selling your shares and buying fresh shares.


The best performing player in each position (defence, midfield, attack) across the top European leagues wins a dividend.

How to BUY players below market value on Football Index?

Football Index Matching Index

A new addition to Football Index is the Matching Engine.

This has revolutionised the buying process and means traders can bid for players below their market value. Before this you were only able to buy players at their market value.

The reason Football Index can offer this feature is because many traders are discarding players via their INSTANT SELL option, this is why you can get them cheaper.

However you need to be aware that there are other traders out there looking to get the same bargain as you, so don’t bid too low. If you find your bid has been sat there for days, you probably have bid too low and need to cancel your bid.

How to cancel a bid on Football Index?

To cancel, simply go the MY BIDS section, go to OPEN BIDS and swipe left on the player whose bid you want to cancel.

How to cancel l a bid on football index
How to cancel a bid on Football Index?

Understanding the “spread”

Before we go into more detail on how to bid for players it’s first important to understand the “spread” – this is the difference between the player’s market BUY price and their market SELL price.

If you can understand this, then the world is your oyster!

The closer the BUY and SELL prices are together, the more in-demand a player is.

Take the below example, Gnabry is less-demand than Odegaard at the moment this article was written. We know this because of the big difference in the spread between the two players.

Their BUY prices are very similar, but their SELL prices are not.

As Gnabry has a lower instant sell price, it then means you can land him at a cheaper price by placing a BID on him.

You could place a £4.00 bid on him and could land him at a much cheaper cost than his market value.

TOP TIP – The instant sell option is not always accurate on Football Index. The best way to knowing the true INSTANT SELL price is by owning a share on a player. This gives you a truer indication of the players INSTANT SELL price.

The below will show you how to place a bid on Football Index and land a bargain!

How to place a bid on Football Index (and get a bargain!)

  1. Click BUY
  2. Click PLACE BID
  3. Place your bid and how many shares you want (before placing your bid it’s important to understand the spread, then weighing up your bid accordingly)

TOP TIP – traders can make some serious profit by bidding for players when their demand is low and as such the spread is wide, therefore meaning people are instant selling players for low prices allowing you to bid for them and grab a bargain.

How to sell players on Football Index?

Football Index is based on demand, the more in demand a player, the higher share price they demand. This also works the other way. Lower prices mean lesser demand.

Football Index gives you two ways to sell players, the SELL QUEUE option or the QUICK SELL option. The below explains the two options.

The SELL QUEUE option

This means you are selling your shares – at the current market share price – back into the market to other traders. This means you will only sell your shares once they hit the front of the queue, depending on the player you’ve got, you could sell your player in a few hours, but this could also be days or even weeks.

It all depends on the popularity and how in-demand that player is.

The QUICK SELL option

This means you are selling your shares immediately back to Football Index.

The positive to this is you get your money back quick, the negative is that you get a lot less for your share than your market value.

Unless you have had a strong increase in your shares on a player – we strongly advise you NOT to QUICK SELL players.

The mistake we made

You can probably guess the mistake we made?

We had Jordan Henderson up for sale using the SELL QUEUE option for 1 week and basically ran out of patience, so used the QUICK SELL option.


So the lesson to be learnt here is that if you are buying players either below £2 per share or outside the Top 200 players and you are wanting to make a quick buck on them, then unfortunately you’ll require a fair bit of patience to get the sale over the line using the SELL QUEUE method. As we’ve said it could take a number of days/weeks to sell up.

However the SELL QUEUE is the best method to maximise your profits.

If you’ve had a player for a week and his price has remained the same or dropped slightly. Don’t panic. In fact don’t do anything. HOLD ONTO IT. Prices fluctuate.

Thanks for reading.

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