Dubrovnik On A Budget – Our Top Tips

Dubrovnik On A Budget – Our Top Tips
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The town of Dubrovnik, probably the most popular tourist destination in Croatia, in part down to the Game Of Thrones series.

There’s no getting away from the fact that Dubrovnik is one of the more expensive destinations to visit, so here’s our guide to make the most of your time and budget during your stay.

Dubrovnik Accommodation

We would recommend staying outside the main area, opt for North of the city centre. Villa Divine charges around £30 a night for a hostel room, this is very much a high end hostel experience though.

Dubrovnik Things To Do

Cliff Jumping

Just down from the Buza Bar are several cliffs to jump from, cool yourself down after the City Walls walk.

City Walls

It’s pricey (£25) – but it’s a must if you are in Dubrovnik. Get there early, as it gets hot!

Buza Bar

The bar built into a cliff. Soak up the views whilst drinking a bottle of Ozujsko lager

Cable Car

After you’ve been around the City walls, head for a 10 min walk up to the cable car for some epic view. £17 for the pleasure.

In summary

If you decide on Dubrovnik either as a holiday or as a stop-off before moving onto new destinations, just be wary of the high prices in the area. If budget is an issue, you can spend a day in Dubrovnik and complete all your activities. If you plan to spend longer here, then make sure you have plenty of cash reserves!

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