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The Amazing Isotretinoin – My Super Skin Story – Before and After

My skin story so far

I have suffered with acne and generally bad skin for over seven years.

I’ve been on several different types of medication, first lymecycline tablets then trimethoprim tablets. These certainly helped, but my acne continued.

I had heard about the strong side effects of Isotretinoin, which is also know as roaccutane.

From the depression stories to reading Isotretinoin reviews about the horrible drying effect it has on your skin, lips and your eyes.

The above side effects had always put me off, but after a conversation with a friend, my mindset changed.

After having the chat and thinking to myself about how this has been affecting me for a long time, I decided to take the risk.

Starting on Isotretinoin tablets

I first had to visit the doctor, who referred me to the dermatologist.

I then went to see the dermatologist who immediately said I could go on the drug, but before I could start on Isotretinoin, I had to take blood tests to check my kidney and liver function.

A few questions…

I had a few questions to ask the dermatologist.

Can you drink on alcohol when taking Isotretinoin? Ideally you are not supposed to, but a few drinks is okay.

How long does Isotretinoin take to work? He said I could be on them for 4-5 months, but it depends how my body reacts to the medication.

Getting started on Isotretinoin

All was well so I could get started. I was first prescribed a 40mg dosage per day and advised to buy two products because of the drying nature of the drug:

Due to the strong drying nature of the Isotretinoin medication on the lips, normal lip products such as Vaseline don’t really touch the sides when it comes to keeping the lips moisturised.

Noticeable results within days

One thing that was mentioned to me by the dermatologist was that things were going to get worse before they got better.

I certainly noticed this. The power of the Isotretinoin was clear to see as all my spots were beginning to come to the surface. The deep rooted red spots were forming into whiteheads over a very short space of a few days.

After my first month

To summarise, the first month went swimmingly.

My thoughts were “why are there so many bad stories about Isotretinoin side effects?”

I was moisturising once every few days as normal and didn’t realise notice any dryness in my lips or skin.

Back to the dermatologist for my checkup and blood test. He was happy. We would now be upping the dosage to 80mg per day.

Doubling the dosage

After a few days on my new dosage, my skin was now getting much dryer, which meant I was now having to moisturise a few times a day. But the results were what I wanted so I was happy.

On my 3rd visit, he said my acne had dropped from a score of 5 (bad) to 2 (good), showing the power of Isotretinoin in action over just a short period of a few months.

3 months in

I am now 3 months into my Isotretinoin course and have been given a 2-month prescription of a 80mg dosage per day.

The dermatologist thinks after these 2 months I may be able to come off the tablets.

My thoughts on Isotretinoin so far

I am extremely happy with my progress so far and wish I’d have done it much sooner. The benefits certainly outweigh the side effects of having dry skin and having to moisturise a little bit more than your average Joe.

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