4 Travel Apps You Need For Your Next Trip

4 Travel Apps You Need For Your Next Trip
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The Best Apps for Travel

After my trip around Europe last summer, I have decided to share with you my best apps for travel in Europe, which helped me massively over my two-month trip. All these apps are free to download from your iPhone app store.

Our Best Free Apps For Travelling

Maps.me app – Best app for getting around

The first of our recommendations is this handy maps app. You may be asking, why not use Google Maps? Well for those of you who have travelled Europe before will know that not all countries are part of the EU.

Therefore when in a country such as Montenegro for example, mobile data is not part of your roaming plan. This is where Maps.me comes in. Maps.me allows you to download all your maps for offline use.

So when you have just been dropped off at the bus station in a non-EU country, looking for you next youth hostel, all you have to do is open up Maps.me and it’ll do the rest.

Hostel World app – Best app for booking hostels

Hostel World was a life saver for me right from the start of my trip. It not only allows you to find the cheapest places to stay, but helps you to find your next hostel with its handy map feature. This was very helpful for the first leg of my trip in Split which you can read about here.

Starling Bank app – Best card for spending abroad

Using your normal bank card abroad can incur avoidable, regular charges. You can avoid this by simply applying for a Starling Bank debit card. You will receive the card and access to their fantastic app, the real perk of Starling is that all you transactions made abroad come with no additional fees/exchange rate fees.

Not only is it great for spending abroad but it also allows you to keep a close eye on your daily spends, especially if you are travelling on a budget like I was.

Google Photos app – Best app for storing pics

Finally, if you are an iPhone user like me, this app is very beneficial if you are regularly taking pictures on your phone.

I found that my memory was filling up fast with photos and videos, slowing down and I didn’t want to delete them. Google Photos allows you to transfer all your pictures to their app on the cloud, therefore allowing you to delete them all from your phone storage and freeing up some memory to carry on taking more snaps!

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